Social Sciences

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of social sciences at our college, where the possibilities are as diverse as the subjects themselves. Imagine not only learning about the social sciences, but immersing yourself in experiences that prepare you for an exciting career or further studies.

As a college, we offer a range of social science courses to prepare you for employment or further study within this industry.

Social Sciences is a broad field that includes many different disciplines including psychology and sociology. All of the subject's link and overlap with each other, and many combine into newer ones, such as criminology. All of these can open doors to employment opportunities in the public, private and third sectors, such as Local Government, the Criminal Justice System, psychological healthcare, social work, social policy, or as part of a huge range of charities that exist to help others.

As a social science student at our college, your education isn't confined to textbooks, though this underlying theory is core to starting to understand the human condition. We include valuable extra-curricular learning, such as outdoor education, sustainability and citizenship within our level 5 and 6 courses. 

At our college, we don't just teach social science; we give you tools to think differently about the world, sometimes within learning experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Our strong connections with local employers and organisations bring the industry to life, with knowledgeable speakers sharing insights from Police Scotland, SACRO, Victim Support and a variety of other organisations- picture yourself exploring the High Court in Livingston, delving into trial proceedings or gaining inspiration from a visit to a local prison all part of our commitment to including hands-on learning.

Our annual Criminal Justice conference is also always positively attended by students across our faculty.