Information for Parents & Carers

So your young person is thinking about their next steps after school or you are just looking at what options are available? Well you have came to the right place! West Lothian College are here to support our students and help them reach their full potential.

We understand that as a parent or guardian, looking at your young person's future career paths and the available options, can be a daunting process. We are here to provide as much information for you and your young person as possible, in order to make a decision that suits them and gets them where they want to be in the future.

We understand that the world of education is changing all the time and it’s important that you have the information you need to advise and support your young person.

Why choose West Lothian College?

We want all of our students to achieve a positive destination after completion of their course; whether this is higher or further study, employment or an apprenticeship.

With 97% of 2018-19 graduates gaining a positive destination 6 months after completion of their course, we pride ourselves on giving all students a platform for progression.

We offer in the region of 80 full-time courses and over 100 part-time courses each year. So your young people are in the right place to study a course that will give them the basis to reach their potential and progress in their chosen career.

You may be considering between the options of staying on at school, university study or employment. So why college? And why West Lothian College? We pride ourselves on being small enough to cater for individual student needs, closing the attainment gap and ensuring that all students feel valued and can achieve their potential. Our classes are usually around 18-20 students, where students will work with the same peers and lecturers over the course of the year, creating a consistency and familiarity in our students' study. 

The majority of our courses also provide a mix between academic study, placements, practical skills and transferable skills such as group work. So our students will get a chance to experience a range of different aspects and excel in what they are best at! 

We offer courses ranging from NC Level 4 right up to degree; giving our students no wrong path to where they want to be. Our students are at the centre of everything we do and we strive to ensure that student satisfaction and positive destinations are the focus of this. With 97% progression to a positive destination and excellent student satisfaction levels, why not consider West Lothian College? 

West Lothian College; where you can succeed. 

Should they study full-time, part-time, a schools course or an apprenticeship?

This is totally a decision for you and your young person to make. We want our courses to suit our students, their potential and their aims for future, so it is important to think about these when considering which type of study.

To find out which course is suitable for your young person, visit our Qualifications explained page

Who can I talk to if I want more information?

If you would like to make an appointment to talk to a member of our admissions team, a careers advisor or lecturer, please call 01506 418181 or email

Or if you want to see our campus, talk to course lecturers or find out about the courses and activities undertaken at West Lothian College, you can attend one of our open information days or evenings.

To find out when these are, visit West Lothian College events.

Where else can I go for advice?

Some other useful tools include the Skills Development Scotland (SDS) website My World of Work which will help you understand the options available to your child.

What about funding? 

You can find out about funding options available when studying a course at West Lothian College by visiting Fees, Finance and Funding