Lauren Timmins came to study NC Science and Social Science Level 6 at West Lothian College after studying here as part of the schools travel column.

16 year old Lauren tells us more about her time at the college so far:

"Studying care here while still was almost like a taster of what college was going to be like. It meant that when I came here full-time I wasn't as nervous as I might have been. I would definitely recommend the schools courses as a way of finding out if college is for you.

I have found that the course has changed my perspective on what i want to do. I originally wanted to work in criminology but I have since changed my mind and I am now focusing on becoming a paramedic. The way biology is taught here compared to at school is very different and it definitely has me more interested in it as a subject now. I feel like the more I have learned, the more interested in the subject I have become and the more my original plans have changed.

I find it a lot easier to learn at college than it was at school. you feel a bit of responsibility because you are treated like an adult you have to behave like one but nobody gives you a hard time if you ask for help. everyone seems to have a lot more patience here.

I plan to move onto the HNC course after this and then either university or a paramedic course."

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