Student Association

West Lothian College Student Association are here to support and enhance your student experience whilst you study with us.

West Lothian College Student Association represents and amplifies the voices of over 8,000 students each year, based in our stand-alone Livingston based campus.

We arrange campaigns, social events and evaluate your overall college experience, as well as offering support for you whilst you are at West Lothian College.

We have student representatives sitting on all college committees and as Student Board members on the Board of Governors; aiding to make strategic decisions that benefit the students and constantly improve the overall student experience.

In addition to this, we are here to listen and work with you, our students, which is why we continually carry out self-evaluation and speak to students about their experiences. We want to ensure that we are fairly representing and making changes that benefit everyone who studies with us.

Furthermore, we hold membership with the National Union of Students, where we work closely with other college and university student unions across the country to ensure that we are continually enhancing the student experience. As a student, you will also be able to access national support as well as local support from our Student Association.

Our Student Association is maintained and operated by our full time sabbatical Student President and Vice President, Student Association Executive Officers and Centre and Class Ambassadors.

West Lothian College Student Association; Your Voice Only Louder

Contact Us


Facebook: West Lothian College Student Association

West Lothian College Street Building

Telephone: 01506 427701

Our office is situated behind the stairs in building No. 1.