Student Association

The Student Association is there to represent and support students during their time at West Lothian College. The Student Association, otherwise known as the SA, are independent to the college, and are there to amplify the Student Voice.

Our Student Association comprise of two full-time Student Presidents, three elected Executive Officers and a number of Student Ambassadors.

Our team are supported by a full-time staff member who provides support, expertise and enhances the development of the Student Association.

Our Team are all students, with the exception of the staff member who is there to help and support us, and we are always looking for more skills and volunteers.

On a more national scale- we are affiliated with the National Union of Students, otherwise known as NUS, to ensure that there is a strong representative voice from all students across Scotland’s Colleges and Universities.

To find out more about NUS please click here

Contact Us

Telephone: 01506 427701


Facebook: West Lothian College Student Association

Twitter: WLC Student Association

YouTube: West Lothian College Student Association - YouTube

The Student Association office is situated behind the stairs in Building No. 1.

Further Information

Find out more about becoming one of our Student Presidents here

Find out more about becoming an Executive Officer here

Find out more about becoming an Ambassador here