Sylwia Litwinienko NQ Biological Sciences (SWAP)

After spending a few years in employment after leaving school, Sylwia Litwinienko decided the time was right to return to education.

Sylwia applied for NQ Biological Sciences (SWAP) at West Lothian College and was subsequently accepted onto the course.

“I did some research and it became clear that this course was the most straightforward route into university for me. Because it is a SWAP course I needed to have been out of education for a period of three years so the timing was perfect for me.”

21 year old Sylwia had identified biomedical science as something she was very interested in and the SWAP course is the first step on a journey that will lead to university and beyond. 

“The course is challenging but that is a positive as it has given us a lot of preparation. I hadn’t studied for a while so it was a bit if a shock to the system but I am really enjoying it.”

Sylwia is already looking to her future career, and shared her ambitions with us:

“I really want to help people but perhaps in a more behind-the-scenes role. I think my dream career would be in a laboratory working in blood testing or something where I can really make a difference.”

We caught up with Sylwia following graduation from college and she is now studying BSc Biomedical Science at Edinburgh Napier University. 

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