Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment includes courses relating to cyber security, engineering, construction and motor vehicle skills. Below you can see the various subject areas and browse the courses within.

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering, Built Environment and Science was formed in 2020  from the long established centres of excellence in

Through strong collaboration across faculties in partnership with schools, industry and universities we offer a wide range of programmes, with interdisciplinary subjects delivered across the faculty to enhance your learning experience and widen your opportunity for future employment.

The faculty has a wide range of programmes from Foundation Apprenticeships, Introduction level , Intermediate level through to Higher Education and a wide range of routes to employment, apprenticeships and  University. Alongside the full time programmes we support skills development programmes and upskilling programmes for those in  employment looking to develop their skills further. (Click on links above to see the wide range of programmes available)

With practical based interdisciplinary approaches to skills learning informed by innovative practical activities and development, you can build practical skills and theoretical knowledge in tandem to enhance the learning experience and develop skills for the modern world of tomorrow.

Learning and development is enhanced with opportunities to work with local employers on work placements and to visit a wide range of industries to connect the training and development to the work environment. We constantly work with employers to promote strong working relationships with industry and create opportunities for further development in your career.

With modern workshops and training facilities, we  offer a realistic working environment  designed and supported by our industry partners to industry standards  to  offer the most realistic learning experience possible.