Vincent Robertson HND Fitness, Health and Exercise

39 year old Vincent Robertson from Blackburn was the recipient of the Student of the Year award at West Lothian College’s recent graduation ceremony.

Vincent, who has served in the army, studied an HND in Fitness,Health and Exercise at the college and impressed his lecturers with his passion and drive.

“Fitness is my joy and hobby, and I like helping other people feel good about how they look and feel as well. I have some learning issues which were not identified until I was a little older so I did find some aspects of the course more challenging than others might but I never let that stop me. It just made me all the more determined to succeed.”

Vincent found that being immersed in college life actually helped with his learning issues:

"I’m sometimes not the most comfortable in social situations but the course has actually helped me come out my shell a bit. I think I am a lot more confident than I was before. I love that the learning never stopped throughout the course and some things were not just textbook learning.”

When asked what advice he would give to potential students, Vincent offered the following:

“Never give up, always try, the support is there and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Keep going even when its hard, it will be worth it!”

Looking into the future, Vincent intends to carry on with sport and fitness, and is considering setting up his own training business.

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