Rita Berki ESOL 4 and 5

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at West Lothian College is getting bigger every year with more and more students enrolling in the classes to help develop their understanding of the English language.

With so many different cultures and nationalities studying ESOL, every student will take something different from studying.
Rita Berki from Hungary commented:
“The course has helped us to feel more at home. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and as a class we have all led very different lives so we can all bring something different to the group and learn from each other’s experiences.

I also think everyone has been able to take something from the course. For example some people are thinking about going to university after the course which is due to us growing in confidence and skills. Our grammar has improved and some people are starting to read books in English which we could have never have tried before.”
ESOL courses at West Lothian College include students from Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Latvia to name but a few countries, a point Rita is quick to emphasize.
“Everyone who is on the course is very different but we are all trying to achieve the same thing so we have a common goal which has made us a very close group and that makes it more fun
to study because you are doing it with your friends."

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