Leona McKenzie HNC Applied Science

Leona McKenzie knew exactly what she wanted to do when leaving school at the end of fifth year at high school.

 She is currently studying HNC Applied Science at West Lothian College. 

“I chose to come to college because I wanted to focus on what I was really interested in studying and not having to worry about studying for highers I have no interest in but had to take to fill a timetable. 

I chose to study science because i have always been interested in it. Science is never finished! There is always something new being discovered or researched and that to me is really exciting.” 

When asked if the course is living up to her expectations Leona was quick to reply: 

“The opportunities on the course are phenomenal. I am loving every minute of it. I definitely made the right decision.” 

Looking to the future Leona perhaps unsurprisingly already has her route planned out. 

"I aim to go to university to study biological sciences with education.  I would love to be out in the field or a researcher but I have education in there too as the world will always need science teachers.” 

Finally Leona offered the following advice to anyone thinking about following in her footsteps: 

“Don’t let anything hold you back. If you are passionate and willing to learn, coming to college may be the best decision you ever make.” 

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