Lennon Cherrie VRQ 2 Light Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

For some students, studying at college allows them the chance to learn more about lifelong interests.

Lennon Cherrie has loved cars since he was a child. So when he left school there was little doubt about his career path.

“I’ve just always been into cars and when I was able to leave school I knew I wanted to come to college and be able to actually work on cars. I love that we get to learn in a proper workshop and get treated like mechanics.”

Lennon successfully completed VRQ 1 Motor Vehicle Maintenance before progressing onto VRQ 2. He was subsequently offered a Modern Apprenticeship which he is looking forward to starting in the near future.

When asked about what advice he would give to other school leavers, Lennon had some words that show great maturity for a 17 year old.

“I was lucky I knew exactly what I wanted to do. If you are leaving school and don’t know what you want to do yet it’s fine to take some time to think. You don’t have to rush into anything.”

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