Laura Robertson Professional Cookery Level 4

Laura Robertson is relishing a second chance at education at West Lothian College!

29 year old Laura is studying Professional Cookery Level 4 at the College, following her mother's footsteps.

“My mum is a chef and as a child I was always trying to help her. I love cooking and I’m not a fan of frozen food and ready meals. I always cook my children a meal from scratch and try to find new ways to disguise their vegetables!”

Laura was a full-time mum up until recently when her youngest child started school, giving her some free time. After some thought she decided to follow her dream and apply to the College.

“Going back into education was a daunting thought for me. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t the best pupil at school so I suppose I saw this as a second chance and I’m determined to grab it with both hands.

I love this course. It has been really good for me because in the past I have struggled with anxiety and depression. Therefore the whole process from applying to studying kind of forced me to come out of my comfort zone to do this and I am so glad I did.”

Laura hopes to progress onto Level 5 before landing her dream job as a chef in a busy kitchen.

She was also very quick to offer this advice to anyone who thinks education may have passed them by.

“Go for it. What have you got to lose? If you are willing to learn you will benefit from the course in so many ways.”

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