Grant Chapman HNC Social Science

Grant Chapman had aspirations of becoming a PE teacher when he applied to West Lothian College in 2014, however a particular aspect of the course inspired him to re-evaluate his career path.

Grant was studying the Higher Sport and Fitness course and was surprised to find out just how much went into the course as well as the wide variety of subject matter it covered.

Grant really enjoyed the studying education and psychology element of the course, so much so that he decided to refocus his career plans and study psychology on a full time basis. Grant applied for the HNC Social Science course at the college.  Successful completion of the course allowed him to progress into second year at Queen Margaret University to study a BSc in Psychology with Honours.

Grant has just completed his honours year and is preparing to return in  September to begin his Masters in Forensic Psychology.

In the meantime, Grant has been volunteering with Victim Support Scotland as a Witness Volunteer, working as a Special Constable with Police Scotland and a Clinical Support with the NHS.

As he prepares for the next step in his journey, Grant looks back fondly on his time at West Lothian College

“I loved being able to apply my knowledge, it made me want to learn and do more.  Getting the opportunity to go on placement was a fantastic experience as well. The course also made me question things and analyse things more in depth.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in coming to college, go find out about it, I worked for four years before coming to college and it opened up so many more opportunities for me.  I would never have followed the route I am now if I hadn’t come to college.”

Grant’s story shows just how vital a part West Lothian College can play in helping you find a path to a new career.


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