Grant Cassidy HNC Media and Communications


Grant Cassidy got a taste for West Lothian College through one of our schools programmes and is now a full-time student.

Grant Cassidy, like many school leavers, took a year out to plan his next move. Having studied Higher Photography at West Lothian College while still at school, he chose to return to the College when considering his next step.

“I stay in Livingston Village so the College is a natural choice, being so local. However having studied at the College as a school student, I was already aware of the excellent facilities within the department so that definitely helped to make my mind up.”

Grant successfully applied for a place on the HNC Media and Communications course and has quickly settled in.

“I absolutely love the course! It covers such a wide range of topics but I really enjoy the writing for the media element of the course. It’s really interesting as we get to find out how media outlets lay out news and perhaps more importantly what actually constitutes as news. I also love the practical side of the course. I love getting behind a camera and just creating something, and I am really enjoying being able to use the Colleges brand new radio studio.”

With more and more massive Hollywood productions taking place in Scotland, there has never been a more exciting time to get into the film industry. 19 year old Grant is using his time at West Lothian College to get a step closer to his dream career behind the camera.

The course has laid the foundations for Grant to progress onto university where he hopes to study Film with the long term goal of a career as a videographer within the film industry.

“There are more and more huge productions taking place at my doorstep! It’s crazy to think about the amount of movies that have prominently featured Scotland in the last 5 years. That looks set to continue and I would love to be a part of it.

For anyone considering a similar career path I would highly recommend this course at West Lothian College. If you don’t try you will never know what you can achieve and if you put the work in the things you will take from the course will benefit you for years.“

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