Declan McCrossan HND Business

Declan McCrossan is a fantastic example of the progression routes available at West Lothian College.

It is quite apt that Declan McCrossan’s West Lothian College journey began with a course titled Passport to HN Business because the 24 year old has certainly needed his passport since entering employment.

Declan, originally from Bathgate is a Chivas Brothers Brand Ambassador. His role involves being the active face of the Chivas Regal and driving engagement for the brand. This is achieved through digital marketing, hosting expert whiskey tasting sessions, creating and hosting events, and engaging with target market, key accounts and vendors.

Declan is currently based in India having previously spent time in The Netherlands, Sweden and the USA with previous ambassador roles. Declan is quick to stress that he credits his successes to his education:

“My time as West Lothian College taught me that it is never too late to enter into further education and to re-shape your life. If you set yourself small goals that add up to achieve bigger goals then you will eventually be where you deserve to be.”

Declan joined West Lothian on an entry level course which gave him the grounding to progress onto HNC Business and HND level before moving onto University. The year by year structure offered by the college allowed Declan to flourish and develop as a student.

“Every year I progressed through the West Lothian College system I found myself growing in confidence. Within five years of higher education and further education at West Lothian College and university, I went from being almost unemployable with no Higher Qualifications to becoming an International Brand Ambassador, working for one of the largest drinks companies in the world!”

Declan had indeed grown in confidence, so much so that during his HNC year he successfully ran for the position of Student Vice President where he was the active student voice of the student body. Declan cites this as one of the highlights of his time at West Lothian College.

Since entering employment Declan has gained a wealth of experience and been able to travel the world at a very young age. This is something he attributes to his time at West Lothian College.

“If I didn’t take the chance of applying for West Lothian College I would not be in the position I am in today. Life is all about taking the initiative and figuring out what is best for you in the long term. If you don't take that first step you won’t know what can achieve.”

For a lot of people the thought of college seems unattainable but Declan is quick to point out that education doesn’t have to be a sprint:

“No matter what level of study you are currently at or wish to enter. If you keep advancing at your own pace, you will eventually be where you deserve to be if you work hard enough and take the fantastic opportunities that are available to you at West Lothian College.“

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