Becky Young Childhood Practice Level 6

Becky Young is studying at West Lothian College to take her first steps on the road to becoming a primary school teacher.

Becky from Bathgate has a long term goal of teaching primary but just likes working with children in general. After leaving school she decided to study Childhood Practice Level 6 at West Lothian College after she had heard good things about the courses on offer.

“The course is really good but I always planned on coming to West Lothian College because I had heard from friends that the childcare courses here were very well run and they are.”

In her quest to become a primary teacher, Becky is hoping to progress onto the HNC course before taking the next step and applying for university. Having once been in the shoes of a school pupil looking to move on in their journey, Becky is now the one giving out the recommendations:

“Coming to college has been a great stepping stone between school and university for me. I knew I was ready to leave school but to be honest I wasn’t quite ready for university so coming to college has been a great experience for me and I would definitely recommend this to anyone in my position.”

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