Why do you #LoveScotlandsColleges?


West Lothian College are supporting the launch of the #LoveScotlandsColleges national campaign to highlight the importance and strength of Scotland’s colleges.

A new campaign is being launched to highlight the importance of Scotland's colleges and everyone, including students, staff, college partners and the community, are being encouraged to share why they #LoveScotlandsColleges on social media. 

The week-long campaign, supported by colleges and their industry partners, starts on Monday, November 30 and celebrates the outstanding work of colleges across the country, highlighting national and local examples of how they are supporting staff and students, communities, businesses and the economy.

Jim Metcalfe, Chief Executive of the College Development Network, said: “Our colleges are at the heart of their communities, helping students to achieve their future goals; businesses to survive and thrive; regional economies to strengthen; and they are also helping Scotland to build a sustainable, net zero future. This campaign is a celebration of all that the sector does, and a way to shout about the fantastic, transformative work undertaken by colleges every day.”

Everyone, from students to staff to families and the community are encouraged to get on social media and use #LoveScotlandsColleges to tell how college has benefitted their life, career and more.

Each day will have a different focus and a chance to share different stories. 

Monday, November 30 - Supporting our students

The campaign kicks off focusing on the most important reasons for Scotland’s colleges, the students. Students are at the heart of everything colleges do. On day one, current and past students are encouraged to share how colleges have helped them achieve their potential.

Tuesday, December 1 - Supporting our economy

Colleges are vital to supporting the economic revival of Scotland. For the second day of this campaign there will be a focus on the importance of Scotland’s colleges to the economy, now more than ever.

Wednesday, December 2 - Supporting our communities

Scotland’s colleges pulled together during the Covid-19 pandemic to donate thousands of PPE, hospital beds, food for those in need and even offering their campuses as testing centres. Day three will highlight all the great examples of how colleges support their communities. Got a great example of how your local college has helped your community? Share it on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 3 - Supporting our business

Colleges have important relationships with business across Scotland. Day four will focus on the great connections between colleges and businesses which benefit students, local businesses, the economy and communities. How has your local college has worked with you to benefit your business, students and community?

Friday, December 4 - Supporting our staff

Staff are vital to what colleges do. They are providing the future generation of the workforce with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential.


Jackie Galbraith, Principal, tells us about why she loves West Lothian College and Scotland's Colleges here:  

So join in the conversation from Monday, November 30 across social media platforms and share your experience and love for the college sector with #LoveScotlandsColleges. More information about the campaign and how to get involved can be found here, cdn.ac.uk/lovescotlandscolleges.