West Lothian College is supporting Care Experienced Week

West Lothian College is supporting Care Experienced Week.

The week which takes place from October 23rd to 31st is organised by Who Cares? Scotland, a national voluntary organisation, working with care experienced young people and care leavers across Scotland.

The week will focus on connection with the Care Experienced community, as well as celebrating them.

West Lothian College will be supporting the event by encouraging all staff and students to wear something red on Friday 23rd October to show support for those who are care experienced.

The College building will also be lit up in red for the duration of the week.

Who Cares? Scotland have a full programme of events which can be viewed here:


The number of care experienced students attending West Lothian College has risen steadily with the total number rising 48% since 2017-18.

Beth Brownlee Head of Quality, Student Support & Learning Resources at West Lothian College said

“At West Lothian College, we try to understand all of our students.  In the last few years we’ve been working with our care experienced students to better understand “where they are coming from”, so we can help them to go where they deserve to go.  That is, to help them take control of and achieve their best future.  Care Experienced Week celebrates this and aims to build hope for care experienced learners for an equal chance at success.”

Sarah-Jane Linton Vice Principal - Learning & Attainment at West Lothian College added:

“I would like to encourage staff to ‘show the love’ for our care experienced students and staff by asking them to make their online presence felt at the Digital Love Rally;

It’s as simple as tweeting the #LOVERALLY and showing you care. I’m a board member of WhoCares? Scotland and a foster parent of three boys at college and school, they would thrive better in a society that recognises their adverse childhood experiences. We have marched in previous rally events, lobbied parliament and shared life experiences in the hope other children and young people have a better life. One tweet shows you care, and our college is a fantastic corporate parent and one of the best places for care experienced learners to succeed in Scotland!”