West Lothian College students succeed in cookery competition

HNC professional cookery and level six professional cookery students entered the British Student Culinary Competition 2020 recently.

The Terrace Restaurant was transformed into a competition area to allow students to compete on an online zoom challenge. The competitions were hosted by the Craft Guilds of Chefs.

Students worked through a series of dishes on the day showcasing their skills with vegetables, chicken and fish preparation, shaping bread rolls, decorating cupcakes and gateau. After a nervous start students quickly got into the swing of it and showed what they could do.

At the end of the day West Lothian College students walked away with 3 Merits, 13 Bronze awards, 11 Silver awards and 17 Golds.

Hospitality lecturer Audrey Buckley said: “When we are experiencing major changes in the delivery of our teaching this year, it’s a great motivation for our students to enter competitions and gain recognition for their work from outside sources.

“Students would usually have feedback form our Terrace Restaurant customers, but sadly, this is missing due to COVID restrictions.”

Hazel Brady, Faculty Director of Business, Creative and Enterprise, added: “I am extremely proud of our staff and how focussed they are on exploring relevant industry experiences to engage our students. 

“The work the students have been doing since they started in September has been outstanding and this competition gave the students the opportunity to share this with a wider audience.”