West Lothian College offers free sanitary products on campus

West Lothian College is providing free sanitary products to its students across campus.

 All Students are able to access free sanitary products at designated toilets and other areas throughout the college campus. 

 The college was awarded funding under the Scottish Government’s initiative to ensure access to free sanitary products for students across schools, colleges and universities and is offering both disposable and reusable items to students. 

 Principal of West Lothian College, Jackie Galbraith said: “We believe that all our students should have the right to access sanitary products when they require them. This is all part of our commitment to our students that West Lothian College is a place to come and learn, where there are no barriers to receiving an education and where there is equality for all.”  

 If you have any queries about the initiative, or have any feedback on how it works for you then you can get in touch by sending an email to sanitaryproducts@west-lothian.ac.uk