West Lothian College is joining the new training app SkillSeeder which allows learners to find courses that suit them.

SkillSeeder is a skill sharing marketplace steered by the Scottish Government, who believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills. The company creates opportunities for people to learn and share skills by connecting learners to their teachers or ‘skills sharers’.

With a huge demand for training courses across Scotland and the need for creative delivery, SkillSeeder allows learners to find their perfect course and arrange in-person or online training.

With over 1,300 courses listed on the app currently, West Lothian College will add its near 200 courses to the list. Anyone looking for training opportunities at the college will be able to find them on the app.

Vice Principal of West Lothian College Simon Earp said: “We’re delighted to partner with SkillSeeder and really welcome the development of the app. Given the impact of the last 18 months there has never been a greater imperative to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop new or existing skills, so increasing the visibility and accessibility of our courses via the app is an excellent new initiative.   

Wherever you are located - if you have a skill to share, or a skill to learn, the SkillSeeder app can help.

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