Campaign calls to Love Scotland’s Colleges

As part of a national campaign to highlight the work of colleges, West Lothian College will showcase the courses and training it offers to provide skills and training to Scotland’s workforce now and in the future.

Inspired by the ‘Love is…’ characters and comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali in the 60s, the campaign will promote a theme for each day of the week, including:

College Love is… Giving Back (Community)

College Love is… Our Partners (Businesses, Industry, Elected Members)

College Love is… Learning (Fundamental reason for Colleges)

College Love is… Our People (Students, Staff, Alumni)

College Love is… All You Need! (Encompassing everything)

This third annual campaign from the College Development Network (CDN) is supported across the Scotland, highlighting national and local examples of how colleges are supporting students, communities, businesses and the economy.

“Colleges are at the heart of their communities and year on year they are showing how much they care about the education, development and training of the people they serve,” said Jim Metcalfe, Chief Executive of CDN.

“This campaign is a celebration of all that the sector does, and a way to shout about the fantastic, transformative work undertaken by colleges every day. That has also seen colleges up and down the country at the forefront of helping their communities through the cost of living crisis by offering warm areas, free breakfasts for students, and advice.”