West Lothian College will be engaging in various events and activities to celebrate Black history throughout October and beyond.

Black History Month (BHM) celebrates and commemorates the history of the African and Caribbean communities.

BHM is rooted in solidarity of the anti-racist’s movement. It facilitates a dialogue for recognising the historic racism black people have endured and the racism still experienced today.

The college is collaborating with a range of partners from across the community, voluntary and public sectors on issues of race. This offers the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of minority ethnic people and provides the chance for us all to reflect on Scotland’s ‘hidden histories’ and further our understanding of histories often not taught or talked about. It is as crucial as ever that Black History is celebrated and taught in Scotland.

Equalities & Widening Access Officer Virginia Toyi said:

“As a college that is committed to equality, diversity and being welcoming to everyone, we are celebrating BHM as an appreciation and acknowledgement of the contributions that Black people have made in all aspects of society.

“It’s the recognition of people and a culture that transcends race. As a community, it’s a call to action to continue to advocate for and uplift those within society who are often pushed to the margins.”

Events running throughout the month and beyond it include: a running book club competition with a BHM theme, an equality and inclusiveness quiz, promoting black authors, a talk from the Chair of the West Lothian Race Forum and so much more.