West Lothian College Becomes Epilepsy Friendly

West Lothian College has been awarded the Epilepsy Friendly status thanks to efforts from staff to West Lothian College has been awarded Epilepsy Friendly status thanks to efforts from staff.

The award from Epilepsy Scotland comes from the hard work and continued support from staff to students and visitors to the college who have epilepsy.

Representatives from Epilepsy Scotland came to the campus and delivered epilepsy awareness training to staff and students. Further training will take place later in the year.

Epilepsy information is now available across the college on notice boards, in the library and in toilets.

Staff have carried out risk assessments, completed care plans and made adjustments in classes. In addition, the college has bought equipment like privacy screens, bariatric evac mats and fans.

Health and safety officer Emily Purdie, who led the campaign to achieve Epilepsy Friendly status, said: “I’m delighted that the college has received the Epilepsy Friendly Award. It really shows the hard work, commitment and continued support shown by staff to students who attend the college. We can also advertise to potential students that this a college that is welcoming to all.”
Health and Social Care student Calvin Buchanan added: “The college has helped me a lot and made the adjustments needed to help me.”