Travelling Gallery’s exhibition bus visits West Lothian College

The unique Travelling Gallery exhibition bus parked up at West Lothian College last week giving students the chance to step on board to view their ‘Displaced’ exhibition.

The Travelling Gallery is a mobile art space inside a custom-built bus which brings high quality contemporary art exhibitions and events to schools and communities throughout Scotland.

The gallery's Spring 2019 exhibition, Displaced, explores how artists are responding to global migration and the refugee crisis now. With ongoing international conflicts and the continued displacement of human beings, artists are asking us to reflect on a range of current, challenging concerns around the world and how these impact on the daily lives of others and relate to issues closer to home.

The gallery features the work of artists including: Halil Altindere, Brendan Bannon, Broomberg and Chanarin, Elizabeth Kwant and Alberta Whittle. The focus is on crisis abroad but also shines a light on Europe and our own country; charting journeys and often using transport, architecture, and landscape alongside human experience.

Beth Brownlee, Depute Centre Head for Business and Creative at West Lothian College said: "We were delighted to welcome the Travelling Gallery back to the college. Art is for all and can stimulate discussion and reflections that other lessons cannot reach! "

The topical theme is something that is touched upon across multiple subjects across the college and students were invited on board to take in the exhibition and take part in group discussions.

To find out more about the Travelling Gallery and the work they do visit: