Waiting for your exam results can be both an exciting and anxious time for young people and their parents or carers. If you don't get the results you were expecting, whether you've done better than expected or have perhaps fallen slightly short, it is not too late to apply for college!

When you first get your results, it can be a bit daunting knowing what options are open to you. We've pulled together the below information to guide you through the options the college has for you.


Full-time courses 

We still have limited spaces in a range of full-time courses across a variety of different levels. If you were considering going to university but didn't quite get the grades, we have a range of HNC courses. These courses are the same level as first year at university, and a lot of them have direct progression agreements into second year at a local university, meaning you could still get where you want to be in the exact same time as going directly to university. Take a look at all our agreed university progression routes here

Find out about our full-time courses with spaces remaining here or view all our courses here - if a course you're interested in doesn't currently have any spaces, you can still submit an application and you will be added to a waiting list. It may seem disappointing to immediately be placed on a waiting list, but there is a lot of change and movement around exam results time so it is still worth applying.

Part-time courses

If you are thinking of studying part-time, we have a range of options starting throughout the year. You can view our part-time courses and details on how to apply here

Schools courses

We have a huge range of schools courses that you can combine with your school timetable. These give you a chance to study something different to what you might get at school, and often can give you that extra edge for your CV or university application when you leave school. Take a look at our schools courses here - you can still submit an application even during the school holidays.

Contact us

The Centre

The college will have a stall at The Centre from 9am-4pm on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 August. We will be located outside Burger King and will have staff on hand to speak to you, answer any questions and provide you with all the information you need about college. Pop along and see us, no appointments needed! 

Enrolment evening 

If you want to discuss your options, talk to a careers advisor or enrol on a part-time course, attend our enrolment evening on 13 August from 3pm until 7pm. Find out more here

Give us a call 

Our admissions team will be on hand at the college to answer your questions. Give us a call on 01506 427 835/605 or email enquiries@west-lothian.ac.uk