Summer School students have recipe for success

Summer School

While most local schoolchildren and students enjoy the sporadic bursts of sunshine a West Lothian summer offers, 13 young people are getting their heat from the West Lothian College kitchens.

The college is running a four week summer school in a bid to attract potential students but mainly to encourage young people to get involved in cooking. During the course students gain lots of new skills and work together to achieve their outcomes. The 13 students will cover all aspects of cookery during the course including bread, sponges, meat, fish, soups and desserts and will achieve Level 4 Professional Cookery units upon successful completion of the course with most of the students progressing onto full-time Professional Cookery Courses in August.

Paul Devonshire, Lecturer at West Lothian College said “The whole idea of the summer school was to encourage new applicants but to give the students an overview of cooking. Whether the students go on to study the subject full-time or not, they are learning skills that they can use in everyday life. Hopefully the class has also shown them that cooking can be fun!”

Margaret Forisky, Head of Hospitality and Communities at West Lothian College added “The summer school is fantastic as it boosts our student’s confidence and helps them get used to the college environment and meet some of their colleagues and lecturers. It is also a fun and exciting class with lots of discussion and debate about food, cooking and the industry in general! Sometimes the music played in class is good too!!”