Outdoor learning recognised by Scottish Parliament

West Lothian College was recognised in a Scottish Parliamentary motion lodged by local MSP Angela Constance recently for enhancing its outdoor learning facilities.

The college has introduced new outdoor learning spaces to mitigate the spread of Covid19, and support the mental health and wellbeing of students. The installation in the campus courtyard of two large covered outdoor learning spaces that can accommodate flexible seating arrangements will support a variety of learning experiences.

Outdoor learning was introduced in the college last year with the creation of a forest classroom in the woodlands on the campus. This has enabled outdoor learning to be integrated into all early years and childcare courses. Throughout last year, students worked with hundreds of local nursery and primary pupils.

Claire Glen, Director of the Faculty of Care, Health and Sport said:

“We’re looking forward to returning to our forest classroom in September. This space is a fantastic learning environment for students to work together and support each other in new ways. Our students have told us how much they enjoy studying outdoors and the forest classroom is now in high demand as we plan our new curriculum.”

Jackie Galbraith, Principal of West Lothian College said:

“The idea for these new outdoor classrooms came from our lecturers who see the benefits of outdoor learning in a wide range of subjects. I am looking forward to seeing how students benefit from this. It is also reassuring to know that delivering more learning outdoors might help prevent the spread of the virus.”