Health and Social Care Lecturer returns to NHS

First Aid

West Lothian College lecturer Tracy Sharp returned to the NHS recently to assist with the pressures brought on by coronavirus.

Tracy, who lectures in Health and Social Care, completed her first shift on May 17 and now returns every Sunday to the COVID wards caring for patients who also suffer from things like hearing issues and Alzheimer’s.

Speaking about her time since leaving nursing, Tracy said: “Although I left nursing as a full time career I have always kept my finger on the pulse. I joined the NHS nurse bank and work as a nurse from time to time. I always felt if I was teaching a classroom of students it was important that I remain abreast of the latest health and social care issues. What better way to do this than to remain in practice.”

When the pandemic hit Tracy was eager to return to the wards as she specialises in palliative care and although it is a risk she wanted to help in any way she could.

She added: “My husband is worried about me returning to the NHS, especially to the COVID wards. He wants me to stay home and not risk it, but he supports me and knows it’s something I need to do. My son gets anxious too but I give him guidance and reassurance that it’s ok. He relaxes when I get home safe!"

Tracy also praised the donations that the wards have received from the public and various organisations, and the kindness she’s witnessed while working.