Digital Ambition for the College Sector

Colleges Scotland, along with Forth Valley College, has published the Digital Ambition for the college sector in Scotland.

The Digital Ambition for Scotland’s Colleges has been developed by the college sector, to provide evidence on the sector’s digital intentions for the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders. It will also be a crucial document in taking forward the required planning for the new digital age emerging given of the uncertainties of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst the Ambition is focused around digital, it is also people centred and has been developed to meet the needs of learners; both those in the workforce today and those working towards entering the workforce of the future. It aims to ensure that those learners have the opportunity to upskill digitally and reskill to prepare them as best as possible for the new working practices that will emerge through the new digital age. In order to ensure that students studying in Scotland’s colleges can use these upskilling and reskilling opportunities, it is vital that the expansion of digital use in the sector is inclusive and provides equal opportunities all.

A whole system approach to digital is required to ensure the college sector strategic direction is clear; that we understand how to develop, promote and maximise our network infrastructure, systems and data, and to ensure the sector develops and maintains a well understood dynamic curriculum with the skills and pedagogy in place to deliver professional and expert learning and teaching.

Simon Earp, Vice Principal of Performance and Improvement at West Lothian College, welcomed the report saying:

At West Lothian College the digital agenda, as it has for so many other organisations, has become a critical component of our strategic thinking and plans. Very much in keeping with the publication, we have big and exciting digital ambitions to help drive the college forward and we look forward to realising these in the coming years.

“Teaching and learning across the sector is constantly adapting to changes in technology and digital skills are now more than ever more important for students. This is an important moment for the college sector and we look forward to the opportunities that will come from this.”


The full document can be downloaded here.