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Students completing West Lothian College’s Digital Passport with Data Citizenship course celebrated their achievement recently.

The course was funded through the Data Drive Innovation initiative that is part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Regional City Deal.

Through a partnership between the college and the Prince’s Trust, all students received mentoring support and individual guidance to help keep them on course and to plan their next move.

Students attended college remotely two days a week for six weeks, and had weekly sessions with the Prince’s Trust. The course was designed to help students understand security and online safety, and lecturer Christine Eckford was praised for delivering a leading-edge course that met the needs of all students taking part in it.

Every student was given a Chromebook by Hewlett Packard, who also donated £6,400 to support the progression for students moving on to further study at the college.

Sales officer Angela Bell, who organised the course, said: “It was inspirational to hear how the course has changed people’s outlook on life. After the course they are more confident in their abilities, feel more positive about their future and have relevant new skills that will serve them well.”

While some students are continuing their learning journey at West Lothian College, others are progressing into the world of work. With the success of the course the college and the Prince’s Trust look forward to further future collaborations.