West Lothian College has won a national award for Innovation in STEM at the Herald Pioneer Awards thanks to recent efforts to promote careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) to school pupils.

The Pioneer awards recognise those helping the shift to a more open, sustainable and innovative future for the Scottish economy, and the college was presented with its award at a ceremony in Glasgow.

The college launched the STEM Olympics earlier this year supported by the Tam Dalyell STEM Legacy Fund. Over the four years of the STEM Olympics, every primary school in West Lothian will have the opportunity to compete for the Tam Dalyell Trophy.

Head of Service at West Lothian College, Colin Miller said: “We’re delighted to be recognised by winning this Pioneer Award. The college created the STEM Olympics to enthuse and excite primary school pupils throughout West Lothian about exciting future careers.

“The STEM Olympics is a fun and exciting way to demonstrate science, technology and engineering in our world today and in the future. Between April and June 2019, 150 primary school pupils took part in the Olympics, and we plan to reach out to many more in the next few years.”

Recently two West Lothian College HNC computing students received £500 Scholarships from the Tam Dalyell STEM Legacy Fund.