Staff at West Lothian College have recently taken advantage of fully funded skills boost courses offered by the college.

Estates staff at the college took part in the Skills Boost in Customer Service whilst on furlough in order to continue their professional development and upskilling. The course included learning on different aspects of customer care like health and safety as well has obtaining digital skills.

Estates team leader David Milne said: “When I first heard of the Customer Service Skills Boost my first thought was: how is this going to work? 16 people online with most of us having limited online skills etc. but I love courses where you are challenged in customer care with role playing scenarios being my particular favourite. These types of scenarios test your skillset along with face to face role playing confrontations.

“I think it would be fair to say I loved this course because it’s the role I’m paid to do at my workplace. Talking to others, they enjoyed the scenarios that they faced and everyone came away seeming really positive with a smile on their face. I would recommend this type of course to those who want to test their skillset and learn new techniques in dealing with challenging events.”

More skills boost courses will be available at the college over the coming months.