College Launches Free Lecture Series

Earlier this month West Lothian College launched Lothian Lectures, a free evening lecture series open to the public.

Seeking to connect minds and inspire communities, Lothian Lectures is an open space for discussion on topical issues of the day.

The first lecture in the series took place on 5 March and social sciences lecturer Lynda Korimboccus spoke about veganism as social justice.

Lynda, who describes herself as an activist scholar and a committed ethical vegan, has been a grassroots campaigner since 1999, and her PhD Sociology research investigates the experiences of young vegan children in Scottish social institutions such as education.

She has also taught Sociology and other Social Sciences at West Lothian College for 17 years.

Lynda said: “People associate veganism with food but this is only a small part of the vegan ethic. There are many philosophical considerations of veganism and intersections with other social justice movements like anti-racism and feminism.”

Lynda writes independently in the fields of Critical Animal Studies and Vegan Sociology, including her acclaimed 2020 article: “Pig-Ignorant: The Peppa Pig Paradox – Investigating Contradictory Childhood Consumption”.

Principal of West Lothian College, Jackie Galbraith added: “We live in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, and it’s sometimes hard to make sense of it all. Lothian Lectures provides a space for local people to explore topical issues with experts, academics and other guest speakers. I am very grateful to Lynda her thought-provoking lecture at our launch event.”

Future topics to be covered by Lothian Lectures will include child poverty, cyber security

The next lecture takes place on Tuesday 7 May at 6.30 pm at the college’s Livingston campus.

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