College launches 'Ask Ally' Support Service for Transgender, Non Binary and Gender Diverse Staff and Students

Welcome to Ask Ally - a service designed to offer support for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse staff and students. 

We recognise the unique set of challenges trans, non-binary and gender diverse staff and students may face, and we want you to know there is support and understanding available to you when you need it.

We are LGBT Youth Scotland Silver charter accredited, currently striving for Gold and committed to ensuring that our college is welcoming to all.

You may feel comfortable and confident with your identity, but feel free to use this service if anything comes up for you.

What does Ask Ally offer support in?


· Finding a friendly person to check in with and have a chat with

· Changing your name, title, gender or pronouns on student or staff records

· Changing e-mail address and other related IT systems

· Student or staff cards

· Communicating with a faculty, department, students, or colleagues with regards to name, gender, and pronouns

· Providing advice and information on college policies and procedures (e.g. sickness absence, time off for gender-affirming healthcare)

· Helping make referrals for the student counsellors or student support teams and helping signpost staff to employee assist programmes

· Referrals to external and internal sources of support and information

· Information regarding social activities and clubs

· Opportunity to speak to a parent of a trans person about their experiences.

· Giving the college feedback on how they can give even better support

Ask Ally's Aim



We respect you and your individual identity and want to ensure West Lothian College is a welcoming place where you can be your authentic self.

College Support

The Ask Ally team have all undergone LGBT and Trans Awareness training and understand the unique needs of the trans, non-binary, and gender diverse community. The team are incredibly open and willing to learn with you.

Holistic Support

We offer information about a wide range of services within our local community and college.


We celebrate a number of commemorative events, which include West Lothian Pride, LGBT History month and Trans Day of Visibility. We want to celebrate positive experiences of other trans, non-binary and gender diverse staff and student success stories, build connections, and foster a sense of belonging within the College community.


Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priority. We have a duty of care to ensure your safety and are duty bound to report incidents where you or others are at risk of harm.


We want to listen to your individual needs and provide opportunity for you to submit feedback. This helps us to continually grow, learn and improve to meet your needs.

Get in touch

To speak to a member of the Ask Ally team, email