Strategies, Policies and Procedures

West Lothian College sets direction through a suite of Strategies, Policies and Procedures; detailed below.

These are available to college staff through the College’s document management system, to students through the Student Association website and to our communities through the College website.

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact


Access and Inclusion Strategy

Estates Strategy

Financial Strategy

ICT Strategy

Curriculum Strategy

Marketing and Corporate Communications Strategy

People Strategy

Quality Improvement and Learner Engagement Strategy

Policies and Procedures

Absence Management Policy and Procedure

Academic Malpractice Policy and Procedure

Admissions and Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Adults at Risk Policy

Alternative Assessment Arrangements Policy and Procedure

Approval & Implementation of Policy and Procedure

Approval of Learning Course Policy and Procedure

Assessment Appeals Policy and Procedure

Business Continuity Policy Framework

Career Long Professional Learning and Development Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

College Closure Policy - During the working day

College Closure Policy - Outwith College

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Conflict of Interest Policy - Assessments

Credit Card Policy

Data Protection Policy

Developing the Young Workforce

Discretions Policy

Email & Computer Network Responsible Use Policy

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Existing and Former Student Reference Policy and Procedure

External Assessment Policy and Procedure

Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

Fraud and Corruption Policy and Procedures (incorporating West Lothian College Fraud Response Plan)

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Harassment Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Policy   

Independent Review of Learning and Teaching Policy and Procedure

Internal Assessment Policy and Procedure

Internal Quality Audit Policy and Procedure

Internal Verification Policy and Procedure

IT Security Policy

Job Evaluation Policy and Procedure

Job Sharing Policy and Guidelines

Maternity and Family Care Policy

Performance Improvement Policy and Procedure

Procurement Policy and Procedure

Protection of Employment Policy - All Staff

Protection of Vulnerable Groups Policy and Procedure (Staff)

Protection of Vulnerable Groups Policy and Procedure (Students)  

Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure

Remote Access Policy and Procedure

Retirement Policy and Procedure

Risk Management Policy & Procedure incorporating Risk Classification Matrix

Secure Aquisition and Storage of Assessment Materials Policy and Procedure  

Severance Policy

Shared Parental Leave Policy  

Smoking Policy

Social Network and Internet Policy

Staff IT Acceptable Use Policy   

Staff Secondment Policy

Stress Management and Wellbeing Policy and Procedure

Substance and Alcohol Misuse Policy and Procedure

Travel and Subsistence Policy and Procedure

Value For Money Policy

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure