College Performance Indicators

Summarised in the below PDF is the 2017/18 overview of the College’s key Performance Indicators. The presentation of this comprehensive data set follows the recently revised standard format for the Scottish Further Education sector provided by the SFC.

Reflecting the dynamic nature of the West Lothian economy, the College has experienced solid growth in student numbers over the last 5 years and has successfully achieved our credit target over the three year reporting period covered by the latest SFC publication.

West Lothian College is focussed on maximising student attainment and helping all our students achieve their maximum potential, and this year’s publication of our PI performance demonstrates some very pleasing progress being made:  

Higher Education Full-Time success at 72%, a 6% increase

Higher Education Part-Time success at 75%, a 9% increase

Further Education Part-Time success at 78%, a 6% increase

The one area which remains a challenge is Further Education Full-Time attainment but we have instigated a number of projects to help address this issue overseen by a Committee established by the College’s Board.

The West Lothian College Performance Indicators for 2017-18 can be viewed here: West Lothian College PIs

*The West Lothian College Performance Full-Time HE Indicators have been re-stated for 2014/15 and 2015/16 in light of SFC reporting requirements.

To re-iterate the SFC commentary in the Annex accompanying the 2016/17 College Performance Indicators, as a result of the re-statement no students received qualifications they were not entitled to, nor has it hindered any student from receiving awards they were entitled to.