Taylor Barr NC Level 5 Hairdressing

Taylor Barr began her journey at West Lothian College studying Preparation for Hairdressing before progressing onto NC Level 5 Hairdressing.

Taylor from Bathgate enjoys the progression routes offered by West Lothian College as she explained:

“I really like how the courses lead into each other. The transition from Preparation for Hairdressing to Level 5 Hairdressing was really smooth for me. I like how there is an award at the end of every year so even when things get hard you know there is a point at the end of the year where even if you decide to move into a job you leave with a some sort of qualification.”

Although full time employment is Taylor's end goal she plans to progress once again at the end of the year on to Level 6.

“I plan to carry on at college but I would love to work in a salon one day. Right now I’m happy to see where college takes me. The teaching staff are really good and it’s great to be able to work in a real salon.”

When asked if she had any advice for potential students Taylor reiterated her original point about the college progression system:

“Don’t be scared to do the preparation course before going onto level 5. It’s OK to get on at the ground level and learn all you need to know. It will make you better in the long run.”

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