Suenita talks us through how Skills Boost prepared her for life at college.

My name is Suenita and I can now say that I am ready to start my college journey!

This is my story I would like to share.

I applied for the Skills Boost Prep for College course at West Lothian College and am due to start this year. I was so worried and scared on how I was going to be able to manage this. I knew this would mean stepping out of my comfort zone, but it was the unexpected news of being offered a place that at first felt pretty overwhelming. I didn’t have much of an opportunity with education when I was younger but there wasn’t much more in life than what I grew up with. I wanted to pursue an education for a long time but never found the confidence to bring myself to actually do it, this course gave me the chance to try again and reach my full potential.

I received an e-mail that provided details about this short course and I quickly signed up without thinking properly, as I knew that once I had fully processed my decision, I would talk myself out of it.  Carrying out this course made me feel like I had the head start that I needed, but I didn’t expect the course to offer as much insight as it did. I participated in the induction day, where at first I felt so nervous and uncomfortable but now after completing the course I feel more confident knowing the help that West Lothian College can offer you. I am now able to speak in front of others confidently and can ask for help when I need too. Our class was given a tour around the college and were also given fantastic opportunities to speak to employers.

My future aim in life is to become a neuro surgeon and studying the skill boost Preparation for College course has given me hugely important experience in terms of my future progression, from being a student at the college itself to pursuing my future career goals.

The Skills-boost prep for college course offers so much in relation to preparing you for future study, equipping you with more knowledge and confidence that you can build on.

Some of the key aspects of the course included the following:

  • Mental health
  • Speaking with employers
  • What to expect while at collage
  • Learning on team building
  • Study skills

I would 100% recommend this short course, if you’re hesitant about applying because you’re nervous or have any doubt about starting college, this course will offer so much in helping you in any way you may struggle and will give you hugely valuable skills and knowledge on any questions you may need help with. The staff are always there for you and no matter what you’re never alone and I have learned that in the 2 short weeks of the course.


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