Olivia Rae won the West Lothian College Overall Student of the Year Award at the 2019 graduation.

Olivia has worked hard at her studies throughout the year and dedicated a lot of time to organising and improving West Lothian College’s outdoor classroom area.

Lecturer Caroline Jarvis, who nominated Olivia, said: “I nominated Olivia for this award due to her dedication to her studies throughout the year. This dedication was particularly prevalent within her Graded Unit project where she was instrumental in improving the outdoor area used in her placement. 

“Olivia went above and beyond by spending her own time clearing the area of hazards and then working with the children to improve the area so that the children were able to engage in outdoor learning which is a major focus within early education at present. Olivia built a multipurpose den from pallets and tarpaulin that is still used by the children for a reading den, quiet area or whatever the children's imaginations want it to be.”

At graduation Olivia said: “I didn’t quite expect an award, I just expected to get on the stage and then get off but I’m really happy and honoured that I’ve managed to get the award.

“I’ve loved college so much, I actually kind of preferred it to Uni and I’ve made such great memories here and lifelong friends.”