Julie-Anne Graham won the Health & Social Care and Sciences & Social Science Student of the Year Award at the 2019 graduation.

Julie-Anne displayed real determination and resilience in her time studying at West Lothian College.

Marion Darling, one of Julie-Anne’s lecturers said: “Both Gail Taylor and myself nominated Julie-Anne as we both believe that she is an absolute inspiration and has demonstrated just how incredibly resilient we can be despite the most difficult and extremely challenging of life chances being thrown at us.

“During her first year in college she faced not only her own personal battles but she also embraced huge challenges that saw her speaking to large groups of students from another sector  about the stigma and discrimination that some groups in society face, she did this despite feeling absolutely terrified and facing fear of judgement herself.

“During her level 6  course Julie-Anne faced one of the most difficult life events that anyone could ever fear and despite this absolutely rocking her world she managed to not only continue with her studies but to successfully complete her course and go on to achieve an A in her HNC. Both Gail and I as well as the rest of the team believe that Julie-Anne has shown us that even in the toughest of circumstances her human spirit and positive approach to her health and wellbeing conquered even the most difficult of circumstances.”

At graduation Julie-Anne said: “I was really honoured to win the award, I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve been given at college. It’s been a difficult time but I’ve stuck with it and people at the college have really helped me through a lot of hard stuff and I got there.”