Sophie Murphy FA Business Skills

Sophie Murphy has become the first West Lothian College student to complete her Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills in just one year. Here she talks about working on her apprenticeship whilst still at school and completing it in half the time.

“At first I was in shock and wondered how I would be able to get it done but once we got my time table sorted and my days of my work placement organised it was fine. Sometimes I was a bit stressed especially with school work but I loved and it I feel like I really proved myself.

“I found it easy sometimes and hard others, like before our pre-lims it was okay. I was struggling with both but after a little while it got better. Although at the same time struggling with mental health really affected it, but I think getting out of school and going into college helped, especially since my class was amazing and I trusted everyone.

“I am the oldest of four and I’ve just finished my school year and can’t wait to start my new chapter at West Lothian College! When I was in School I was studying just English and had a lot of free time to help me study, since I am dyslexic in both English and Maths. During the past years I studied Home economics at National 5 and passed it, I got a National 5 with basic maths, which I got help for, and back in S4 I completed another part time college course, NPA Bakery, and passed that. However now I have finished I am going to be starting my college course in August of this year and it will be Level 5 Professional Cookery.”

Lecturer Claudia Nasseri, who delivered the course, added: “We are so proud to have completed our first year of running the FA Business Skills programmes here at West Lothian College. It has been a great experience for myself as the lecturer and getting to work with young people from schools across the community has been fantastic.

“Sophie has done exceptionally well and she and her classmates have all been on a journey that has helped them expand their business knowledge and develop the skills employers are really looking for. I can’t wait for next year!”