Nathan Christie NC Art and Design (Portfolio Development)

Nathan Christie had by his own admission hit a career wall in his job with West Lothian Council and in an effort to change that he decided to return to education to study a subject he had always been passionate about.

He explains: “If I’m being honest, work was getting me down. I wasn’t happy with where I was going or where my career path was heading. I used to wake up on a Monday morning filled with dread about the working week ahead. I decided to take a step back and rethink my career plans and I decided that education was the answer. It would give me a chance to refine my skills or learn new one.”

23 year old Nathan had always had a passion for art and this played a big part in his choice of course:

“I have always enjoyed art and it occurred to me if I was going to change career I should make sure it is a career I will be passionate about. I got accepted on the course and to be honest I haven’t looked back since.”

While returning to education after a break can always be a bit daunting at first, Nathan was impressed with the support West Lothian College offered:

“The lecturers are great. Everyone is really positive and that makes a huge difference. It’s just a good atmosphere to come into every day.”

Looking to the future, Nathan hopes to continue on the path he started by progressing to HNC level before applying for university. In the long run, he hopes to find a job within the industry whether it be freelance or as part of a design company.

When asked what he would say to anyone who is currently in a similar position, Nathan had these words of encouragement:

“If you are prepared to make the sacrifice and put in the work it will be the best thing you ever do. It can be a struggle with finances and things like that but the college has things in place to help.

The help is there so don’t be afraid to take the chance.”

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