Lewis Cornwell, Uniformed Public Services Level 5

Since being introduced as a full-time course a few years back uniformed Public Services Level 5 has proved to be a very popular course among students who are considering a career within uniformed or public services. 

The course focuses on a wide variety of subjects such as communication, teamwork and leadership through practical activities and problem solving. Public services employers also contribute to the course 

Lewis Cornwell is one of those students and he takes some time to talk about his West Lothian College experience: 

“During my time at West Lothian College I have had access to unforgettable experiences such as the Look at Life programme with the Marines. I have developed more self-confidence and a greater understanding of what it takes to lead a team I have also strengthened my skills in First Aid gaining a qualification and developing a greater understanding of health and safety, understanding the importance of factors such as driving safely as well as always having your phone in case of emergency. I have also met many new and interesting people on my course.” 

Looking to the future Lewis is excited at the career opportunities the course can provide: 

“I have developed many skills which will hopefully help me find a job in the services, I am also looking forward to work experience with the fire service which is the line of work I aim to end up in.  

All in all I am extremely pleased with my choice of course and college, I already have and will continue to recommend this course to others interested in a career in the services."

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