James Wilson, Pre Apprentice Carpentry and Joinery

James Wilson is a fine example of there being no wrong time to study after building a career in the construction industry with West Lothian College. 

26 year old James is currently a mature apprentice working for Kitchens International. His journey into a new career began with the pre apprenticeship carpentry and joinery course at West Lothian College. 

After paying someone to do work in the house I thought to myself I could do that. I never got the chance to serve an apprenticeship when I was younger but I knew it would be something I would throw myself into. 

I quit my job took a chance and applied for the course and with the help of the college I got an apprenticeship 

I did find It a bit of a challenge as there was a big age difference between me and the rest of the class. I would leave work being the youngest and come into college where I was like a Grandad! 

James goes on to reveal that being a mature student included some rewarding aspects due to his life experience, determination and mindset. 

I guess I took it more seriously as I knew exactly what I wanted out of this, so I looked for work experience opportunities and got a work placement with a joiner to gain experience. When I applied for my current job at Kitchens International I’m sure that played a big part in me being successful. 

I've been with the company for two years now. I’ll be qualified in a couple of months and Kitchens International have already pre-approved me for the advanced craft course so I will be back at West Lothian College next year. 

The college provided me with the tools to learn a trade and through that Kitchens International have given me the opportunity to be learn a specialist trade. 

James offered the following advice for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps 

"It’s all about taking a chance and if you really want to do something don’t let anything stand in your way."

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