Gemma Hay NC Civil Engineering

Who would have thought that renovating a house could lead to an entirely new career path?!

Gemma Hay is defying traditional gender roles by studying NC Civil Engineering at West Lothian College.

“I am from an office based background working in finance and admin, and I had been spending time renovating my new house. Despite the stress, I really enjoyed it! I have friends who had previously studied Civil Engineering and had lots of good things to say about the course so I had a look at the College website and decided to apply.”

The fact that she was a female in a traditionally male dominated role was something Gemma took into consideration but it wasn’t enough to put her off.

“I’ll admit I was a bit nervous on my first day but it turned out I’m not the only girl in my class and I certainly don’t get treated any differently which is great. I settled in really quickly.

Coming from an office environment, everything is still a bit new for me but I am relishing the challenge and I think I have adapted quite well. I love learning new things so I am really having a good time. For anyone thinking about college I would say: Don’t be scared to try. I am so glad I did this and everyone is really friendly and helpful. Don’t let anything hold you back.”

Gemma hopes to study the HNC next year before weighing up her options and either looking for a job related to her qualification or progressing onto university. 

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