Cameron Glasgow HNC Social Science

Cameron Glasgow

Cameron, from Livingston, studied HNC Social Science at West Lothian College in 2018/19, and is making his mark in Scottish politics at the age of 19 through his work on National campaigns and initiatives. 

When asked why he chose to study HNC Social Science at the college Cameron said: “As I approached the end of my high school years I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life, I had always been passionate about History, Modern Studies and RMPS classes in school so the opportunity to study all of these (and more) in one class was exactly what drove me towards social sciences.”

As Scotland’s youngest candidate in the 2019 General Election and one of the leading young campaigners on climate change in Scotland, Cameron credits the college for giving him the skills and knowledge to succeed in politics: “I found the course extremely interesting as we learned about wide range of topics from the social sciences, the lecturers made the course accessible and engaging, and added a lot to the course with their down to earth personalities. This made the course beneficial as we didn't just learn what was required to pass an exam, we learnt what we need to work in the social sciences after the course.”

Cameron is now working in Parliament supporting the local Green MSP Alison Johnstone’s team as a Parliamentary Assistant and has highlighted that the skills he learned at West Lothian College have been invaluable in helping him get into politics: “I have used skills learned in college to help me tackle a job that can at times be very challenging. The political world is full of complex theories, documents and jargon that I would have struggled to engage with had I not gone to college.”

When asked what advice Cameron would give to others thinking about studying at West Lothian College, he said: “I felt really privileged to get a space at West Lothian College and I like to think I made the most of the experience. It’s an opportunity to develop skills for further education but also a chance to prepare yourself for the world of work. After this course, I had the confidence to go into a new job or course knowing that I was prepared for what is to come.”

“For those who are thinking about a specific course at West Lothian College I would recommend going to an open day find out more. If you know anyone who has been on the course or to the college before it’s a really good idea to ask them about their experience.”

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