Ben Snodgrass Business Management Level 6

Ben Snodgrass is a fantastic example of taking something you love and combining it with something you learn.

24 year old Ben is studying Business Management Level 6 at West Lothian College with a view to starting his own business based on one of his biggest passions.

“I love music. It is a part of everything I do, so I am looking to gain the skills to start my own business as I feel Livingston and West Lothian in general is lacking a really great concert venue. By studying at the college, I hope to gain the skills to perhaps make that venue happen.”

Immersed in college life, Ben is an elected Class Executive within the college Student Association and is keen to progress within that role.

“I would like to be more involved with the Student Association next year, perhaps in a sabbatical role. I feel I could bring a lot to the position and it would be valuable experience for me.”

Ben spoke very honestly about the difference college has made to his life and would definitely encourage others to look to West Lothian College as a fresh start on the career ladder.

“I love the course I look forward to it. Coming to college is the best part of the week.

Before coming here, I was struggling to get a job and I’ll be honest, I was at a bit of a low point. Since starting the course, I am so much happier. I would recommend college to anyone, whether it be to improve their skills, learn new ones or even for the social aspect. It’s amazing what can be achieved.”

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