Adele Craig HNC Art (Portfolio Production)

Adele Craig chats about how a course at West Lothian College can help to bridge the gap between School and University.

After leaving school at the end of S5, Adele Craig had decided she wanted to pursue a career in graphic design. 18 year old Adele looked into courses and discovered that West Lothian College has a stellar progression record in Art subjects with 100% of HNC Art (Portfolio Production) students entering higher education in 2017/18.

“I chose to study Contemporary Art and Design at West Lothian College as I had heard that they had a great record when it comes to art students moving into university. I also stay in Livingston so it was really easy for me to get to and from College.”

Upon starting her course Adele found College to be a much different learning experience than what she had been used to at school.

“Things were a lot more relaxed in relation to how the work is carried out. You are given a brief but you have so much freedom to be creative and if you need help the lecturing staff are fantastic. They are so helpful and friendly that you don’t ever feel silly for asking a question.”

Adele thrived during the course and was offered a conditional place at the Edinburgh College of Art. She required a B and was awarded an A continuing the trend of West Lothian College students excelling in this department.

Each of the eleven students in the class who applied to degree level studies were accepted to some of the most prestigious art institutions in Scotland where competition is fierce. For example, Edinburgh College of Art, where Adele successfully applied to study, has as many as five and a half thousand applications and as few as two hundred and fifty places each year: less than a five percent chance of success.

Looking to the future Adele still has her heart set on a career in graphic design whether working as a freelance or as part of an agency. She is quick to offer advice to any other potential students who may still be at school:

“Just be open to the way college works. It’s different from school and things that are new can be a bit scary but stick with it! Once you settle in its fine and if you work hard who knows what you can achieve!”

To apply visit: HNC Art at West Lothian College