Leia chose to combine the Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) in IT Software Development with the other subjects she studies at Armadale Academy as she has always been fascinated with computers.

Building her first computer at the age of 6, technology is something that Leia has grown up around and has continuously tried to teach herself more and more about. When she saw the FA advertised, she knew it would be a great opportunity to expand her knowledge in IT, in particular programming and web development.

“I have always been really interested in IT, I have taught myself a lot but I really wanted to expand on this with a qualification. It has been really great to cover lots of different areas as I had never really covered web development before.”

Leia has been enjoying her course so far, and has particularly enjoyed learning in the college environment.

“I find college is a much more relaxed environment than school. You call your lecturer by their name and you get to work with them on a much more personal level which makes it easier to ask for help and support. The way of learning it much more suited to me. I was able to go to Birmingham on a recent trip with the engineering class and it was great to be able to show off some of the skills we have learnt.”

In doing the FA, Leia has found an expressed interest in cyber security, and plans to progress into the HNC in cyber security at West Lothian College before beginning her career in this area.

“I find cyber security really interesting and would definitely like to learn more about it. My dream job is to work for the RAF as a cyber security specialist!”

When asked what advice she had for anyone else considering a FA, Leia had some positive final words.

“I would tell anyone to go for it, you won’t regret it!”


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