Cameron has been undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship (MA) in Customer Service alongside his role as a Janitor at Craigsfarm Community Hub. Cameron is completing the enhanced support MA with support from West Lothian College and from Enable Scotland. Enable Scotland offer support to apprentices with additional support needs that may struggle to complete the programme without an enhanced support network.

Cameron talks very openly about his journey to getting to where he is at the moment, and the things he has learnt along the way about himself.

“It took me a while to find a job I really enjoyed. I had a job working in a factory but I found it really difficult to be inside for long periods of time and to follow a structured role, my friends and family noticed a real change in me as I really wasn’t happy. When I left there it was actually Enable that helped me find this job at Craigsfarm as they had lots of contacts in Livingston and I have been here for nearly a year now.”

Having found a job that gave him more variety and allowed him greater freedom to work both inside and outside, Cameron is really enjoying his current position.

“I really enjoy my job. I enjoy meeting new people and new members of the public, all the people I work with are lovely and my manager has been great. I have an important role here as we keep the building safe and secure, so it’s important that we get our tasks done every day. We also deal with setting up bookings so we are really involved with the visitors.”

Having working at Craigsfarm already for 6 months, his Enable Employment Co-ordinator Zoe Brownlee recommended the enhanced MA programme to Cameron for him to undertake alongside his role.

“Zoe first mentioned the MA to me and she said she thought I was more than capable and that doing it would help me with my job. She arranged for Lynn from West Lothian College to come out and speak to me and she explained it all really well and it sounded like something I would want to do. I started it back in November and it has been going really well. I have enjoyed learning new things and I know that it is helping me in my job and it will be good on my CV too. It has been good to have the support from both Enable and the college and Lynn has said I’m doing really well on the programme so far.”

“I have actually found it really easy to juggle the qualification with my work. My manager has been great and has worked my shifts around my MA work so I am able to do both.”

Zoe Brownlee, Cameron’s Enable Scotland Employment Co-ordinator said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting Cameron through his MA journey so far. The difference I can see in his work is incredible as he is familiar with the theory of the job and he is able to put this into practice. It is so rewarding to see the increase in his confidence.

“Speaking with Cameron’s employer has also been extremely positive as he is making progress and maturing in the role so much so that his employer is looking to give Cameron more responsibilities. Developing the young work force within organisations is extremely important. The enhanced package is an excellent way of doing this as all parties involved have ensured the most person centred support package has been given to Cameron to complete his journey”.

Lynn Bain, Depute Head of Workforce Development at West Lothian College added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Enable to support Cameron to undertake an industry recognised and accredited qualification. Supported by Zoe, Cameron has immersed himself fully into his MA and is progressing really well with his MA learner journey.”

When asked his final advice to anyone considering a MA, Cameron expressed that he is already an advocate of the programme.

“I have already been recommending the MA to lots of people. My advice to anyone would be to just do it, it is a really good qualification and it’s great for your CV.”


Enable can offer support to anyone with additional support needs currently undertaking a MA, and can also advise anyone considering a MA on the support options available to them. If you are an employer or feel if you would benefit from their support or advice directly, you can contact Enable on 0300 0200 101 or